Changing / Switching Seasons in WB+

WB Plus Admin -

Now that WB+ spans across multiple seasons - each season has been represented individually and separated into different Seasons. At present, with the RFID gates only being installed in November 2014 the following seasons can be accessed, depending on if you as the user have scans for the following WB+ seasons:

- Winter 14/15
- Bike 2015
- Winter 15/16
- Bike 2016
- Sightsee 2016

To change between seasons on your WB+ Dashboard you simply need to scroll just below your Dashboard stats and on the left-hand side you will find the SEASON selector (default is set to the current primary season i.e. Bike in Summer and Ski/Snowboard in Winter) and choose the desired season from the drop-down options.

Seasonality exists for Winter (Ski/Snowboard) and Bike throughout WB+, which means you can switch between Winter and Bike seasons on the Dashboard, Leaderboard, Groups and Badges and see the different stats based on the season. Sightsee/Hiking only has info for Dashboard and Badges and does not have Leaderboard or Group functionality at present.

Enjoy checking your season stats! If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact the WB+ Administrator at

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