Sightsee/Timed Hiking 2016

WB Plus Admin -

WB+ is happy to announce that Sightsee / Timed Hiking is now available to new and existing WB+ users for the 2016 season :) Here is a little bit of info to help get you interested!

WB+ Sightsee will use 'tap' points at select locations on Whistler and Blackcomb mountains - When you tap you pass at one point - and then at another, it will 'split' and display the time taken between these two points.
*Please note, only RFID enabled passes will work with 'tap' for Timed Hiking.


You will be able to scan at The Roundhouse, Top of Peak and Flute Summit on Whistler.




On Blackcomb you will be able to scan at The Rendezvous, mid-point of the Alpine Walk and Overlord Glacier viewpoint!



You can download here or pick up one of the Whistler Blackcomb Alpine Hiking trail maps for more information at either Whistler Village or any WB Alpine customer service locations.

The Sightsee/Timed Hiking Dashboard looks a little different from other Winter and Summer seasons, as Vertical does not count as a metric for this discipline. Instead; Days, Scans, Streak and Badges will be your 4 main metrics. 

You'll also be able to check out your 'splits' and totalled split times within your Mountain Activity by clicking on any of your Active Days on the mountain calendar.

Top 5 Locations
Is available and contains a mixture of the Gondola, Lifts and Checkpoints that you scan/tap at to reach your Hiking/Sightseeing locations (please note: Scans are not recorded at Solar Coaster during Summer operations).

You'll be able to set yourself a Days goal to see how many days you'll spend Hiking/Sightseeing up on Whistler Blackcomb this season! The Sightseeing season runs from May 20 to October 10, that's 144 days!

It wouldn't be WB+ without badges! You will have new badges based on hiking specific tasks, as well as a number of similar badges from other seasons. Click here to see a full list of the badges!


Enjoy! If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact the WB+ Administrator!

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