June 10, 2016: Bike Park and Groups on WB+

WB Plus Admin -

Bike Park 2016 is now live on WB+!

We are happy to announce that we have launched the Bike Park/Summer version of WB+! 

New Stats, Goals and Leaderboards! Your Dashboard will be much the same but will now by default list your Summer/Biking stats. The Dashboard will list your Top lifts from the Bike Park as well as the original ability to view your daily vertical via the Calendar and click on any day you were up the mountain to see a greater breakdown of your stats!

You will still be able to view your previous stats(if any) from Winter 2015/16 as well as any other season (Winter or Summer/Biking) available since RFID gates were installed in November 2014 via the Season Picker!

 A few other things to note:

- You can now set your new Goals for Biking 2016!
- Badges are coming soon!
- Biking 2016 Leaderboards are ranked by Day and Streak
- Leaderboard rank on your Dashboard is ranked on Days for Biking 2016
- The Vertical range on your Heat Calendar has been adjusted to reflect bike park vertical.
- The Whistler vs Blackcomb comparison chart has been removed (from Summer season).

Groups now active on WB+ 

You can now create Groups (for the current season) to view and compare your friends', coworkers' and colleagues' mountain stats via your own Leaderboard, or take it up a notch and challenge each other. Start by clicking the GROUPS tab in the main header bar!

Add a Group by clicking  in the top right and choose your Group Name, choose an image, followed by the group members and lastly the metric by which to rank the group.


Notifications are GO! 

You may have noticed a few changes at the top-right of your page - Notifications is one of them! We have added a notification system (indicated by an envelope icon) which will alert WB+ users when they have been added to a new group (coming soon), earned a new badge (coming soon) or been contacted by the WB+ Administrator for other reasons.

When a new notification is received a number will pop-up next to the envelope (the number indicates how many new messages). When you click on the envelope the number disappears and a drop-down menu will appear with all messages you've received - New unread messages will be highlighted and once read will become less prominent to show the read status of the notification.


New User Icon 

The other change you may have noticed in the top-right of the page is that your Name has been removed and replaced with the User Icon. If you have chosen your own personal image this will show up, otherwise it will be the default image provided by WB+
This is where you can find the Settings section for WB+ as well as Sign Out.


Other small updates to note:

- Text buttons/links have been converted to icons on mobile devices.
- Paginations text (at the bottom of Leaderboard page) have been converted to buttons.
- Extra confirmation has been added to the 'Add RFID Access Card' options in order to avoid input errors.
- Changes to the Welcome/Landing page to reflect bike/summer activities available on WB+.
- All Whistler Blackcomb 'Woosh' icons now links to whistlerblackcomb.com

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