WB+ Bike 2016

WB Plus Admin -

We are excited to announce WB+ has been tracking your stats and busy making badges available for the Summer/Downhill Biking season 2016!

On the WB+ Dashboard you will be able to switch between all your seasons stats - Summer/Biking or Winter since the RFID gates were installed in November 2014.

New badges are available and are bike-park-specific, to get the best out of your DH biking and WB+!

To see how to earn these badges please visit the How Do I Earn Badges page.

If you were already signed up to WB+ for Winter 15/16 you'll be able to login with the same credentials and get started once Bike Park WB+ is launched!

If you have not signed up/logged in before please see How do I join/register for WB+ or get an account?

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