April 14, 2016: Magic Chair is now closed!

WB Plus Admin -

As we start to wind down for the season, Magic Chair and Franz’s Chair are now closed for the season.

Therefore Magic Chair is no longer included in any of the Scavenger Hunt badges that would usually require Magic chair to be scanned at. Franz’s Chair does not currently have RFID gates so are still not required to complete any badge requirements.

Just another note: As the season continues to wind down and other chairs/lifts/t-bars start closing based on lack of snow, or earlier in the day for other reasons, we are unable to add scans just because you were 'going to ride the chair'. If a chair/lift/t-bar is closed it is for an operational or safety reason and we will not be able to add scans and you may not be able to complete these challenges at this point in the season (which would also be the case for early season when not all RFID locations are up and running).

Thanks in advance for your understanding and we look forward to you trying these challenges and more in Winter 16/17 - and don't forget new and exciting challenges for Bike Park/Summer 2016!

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