Vertical Per Day - Heat Calendar

WB Plus Admin -

Did you know that you the days on your Vertical Calendar are clickable?!

Your Vertical Per Day is measured by 'heat days' on your monthly calendar. The more you ski/ride on a certain day, the darker the heat map on that day.

Want to see more information about your 'heat days'? Click on the coloured date on your calendar and you'll be able to see the details Access Summary for that date! You'll see your Total Vertical and Lifts for that day, as well as a breakdown of the number of lifts, time scanned, name of chair/lift/t-bar and the individual vertical of each scan!

You're also able to click the previous and next arrows to see the Access Summary of your other ski/ride days!

N.B. For Sightsee/Hiking these are displayed as Active Days, then once clicked on list similar data but show the 'timed splits' between each valid scan location, rather than vertical achieved.

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