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WB Plus Admin -

If you are having issues receiving your Forgot Password / Reset Password email link please contact the WB+ Administrator.

In our customer database there are 2 places where your email address can be present - 1. For your login to WB+ and anything WB online; and also 2. Your Primary Email, where all email correspondence actually goes.
You may receive a message when trying to send a Forgot Password email that says 'No Primary Email' - Again, please contact the WB+ Administrator to have this email address added to your customer profile - We will then be able to assist in getting your password reset.

If you are trying to change your password via the Forget Password link and it does not work, it is likely that the email address you are trying is either not yet registered to WB+ or is not your current, registered email/login - You may try another email/login if it is possible a different login was used, otherwise please contact the WB+ Administrator.

--- Stuck on the Forgot Password page ---

If you get stuck on the Forgot Password page and can't get back to the LOGIN page use the following steps:

- Close down your browser completely and re-open it.
- Clear your browser cache/cookies.
- Open your browser using an incognito/private browsing window (In Chrome press CTRL+SHIFT+N, in IE and Firefox press CTRL+SHIFT+P).

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