Today's Stats

WB Plus Admin -

If you head up the mountain Today and login to WB+ on the lift you will be able to see your stats accumulate in almost real-time:

  • Today’s Vertical
  • Today’s Lifts
  • Current Streak (consecutive days on the mountain)
  • Today's Leaderboard rank * Active for Winter season

Below these figures you will also see your season-to-date MAXimum for Daily Vertical, Daily Lifts and Longest Streak. If any of your TODAY’S STATS are higher than your MAX stats you will see a green UP arrow showing you now have a new MAX DAILY for that metric. If you are below any of these stats for the day you will see a red DOWN arrow.

Last Scan is also available so you can see your stats as up-to-date as possible. Last Chair: Last Timestamp.

Detail View on Today's Stats: You can now click on Detail View on your Today's Stats panel to show your lift-by-lift breakdown of your day, instead of having to find today's box on your calendar heatmap.

Daily Rank: If you're up the mountain, quickly see how you stack up against other WB+ users on the mountain today for vertical. * Active for Winter season

N.B. Today's Stats is not active for Sightsee/Hiking season.


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