February 26, 2016: Leaderboards!

WB Plus Admin -

We are very excited to be releasing Leaderboards to WB+ users. But that's not all we have! There are leaderboard details below, along with some other fixes and features we've included to make WB+ more stable and that much nicer to use.



  • Inclusion: Leaderboards only displays those people who have their Privacy Settings set to Private or Social. Anybody set to Invisible won't be displayed. However, if you are set to Invisible, you can still go to the Leaderboard page and see your own position, and everyone else.
  • Names: If you've set a custom display name in your Settings, we'll show that. If not, the default is firstname lastname
  • Filters: You can view Leaderboards by four different metrics: vertical, days, lifts, and streak. These four metrics can be filtered for today, or for the season-to-date. Lastly you can order them ascending, or descending
  • Public: Will see a leaderboard showing all other WB+ members who are not employees of WhistlerBlackcomb
  • Staff: By default will see a leaderboard showing only employees who are WB+ members. However, there is an additional toggle to also view the Public leaderboard. Employees do not currently have a relative position within the public leaderboard.
  • Position: Your own leaderboard ranking is shown along with your stats in a bar floating at the bottom of the page



  • Leaderboard explanation: Public and Employees are ranked in separate leaderboards which some people were finding confusing so we've added a little help bubble when you click on your rank to help clarify this


  • Detail View on Today's Stats: You can now click on Detail View on your Today's Stats panel to show your lift-by-lift breakdown of your day, instead of having to find today's box on your calendar heatmap


  • Daily Rank: Quickly know how you stack up against everyone else on the mountain today for vertical


  • Daily Average Vertical: With all these numbers, it seemed obvious you'd want to know your daily average!


  • Access Summary Previous and Next: If you are looking at the detailed break down of a day on the hill, you can now move forward and back through your days without having to close back to the heatmap


  • Goal Completion Pace: You can now see not just what your Vertical and Day Pace is for the season, but we'll also tell you when you are predicted to meet your goal, based on that Pace



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