WB+ and WB Live Pass - Are they the same?

WB Plus Admin -

No, WB+ and the WB Live Pass app are not the same thing.

WB+ is designed to be a stand-alone platform best viewed in a web browser (mobile/tablet or PC/laptop) at http://wbplus.ca.
Use this platform to track your RFID scan data to measure Vertical, Days, Lifts, Streak and earn Badges for a more 'gamefied' experience at Whistler Blackcomb.

WB+ does perform inside the WB Live Pass app, but as it is a 'platform-in-an-App' the user experience may not be as seamless.


WB+ will not affect the stats you see in the WB Live Pass app.
All GPS data from WB Live Pass is only saved to the local device (i.e. Smartphone). In order to keep this data safe be sure to sync it to your Facebook account.


To reach the Support Team for queries regarding weather, lift status, grooming, GPS Run Tracker and anything related to the WB Live app please email: mobileappsupport@whistlerblackcomb.com.

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