Goal Setting - Vertical/Days

WB Plus Admin -

From your Dashboard on WB+ you will be able to set goals for how much Vertical* you want to achieve and how many Days you hope to ski/ride during your time at Whistler Blackcomb this season.
* Vertical Goal is not active for Sightsee/Hiking season.


How much vertical do you want to ski or ride this season?
Benchmarks from last winter (2014/15):

- Top vertical over the entire: 1,832,428m (6,011,903ft).
- Top vertical in one day: 27,732m (90,984ft).
- Average Daily Vertical: 3,549m (11.643ft)


How many days do you want to rack up this season?
The 2015/16 ski season runs from November 19, 2015 to May 23, 2016.
That's 187 days.

N.B. Goals need to be set higher than your current Vertical/Days already skied/ridden (or set to '0'). If you attempt to set them lower they will simply revert to your current Vertical/Days already skied/ridden.

 You can also see how your Goals are 'Pacing' on your Dashboard - For more information please see "What is Pace?".

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