How is my vertical tracked and calculated?

Adam Smith -

WB+ vertical is based on the vertical metre distance of the lift ridden up.

Each* lift at Whistler Blackcomb has an RFID gate at the base. When an RFID Card is scanned at a lift, the associated vertical for that lift is assigned to that scan.

Your stats have been recorded by the RFID gates since they were installed in November 2014, so any scan made for the current and previous season will be populated in your profile when you sign up for WB+

There is also built-in logic to prevent double scanning in the case that your card gets scanned multiple times by a gate. For example, if your card gets scanned at the Emerald Express gate, but at the last minute you decide not to ride the Emerald Chair and instead ski/ride down to Garbanzo Chair, the original Emerald Chair scan will not be recognized. This is because the system won’t recognize a scan if another scan happens before the average amount of time it would take to ride the chairlift has passed.

While steps/logic have been taken to attempt to provide the most accurate scan/stat information, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy - therefore WB+ cannot be used for anything other than recreational use.

*Note that Franz’s Chair and our magic carpets do not have RFID gates. No stats will be accumulated for riding these lifts.

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