I am having problems creating an account or cannot log in, who can I contact?

Adam Smith -

Firstly - Have you checked out "How do I join WB+ or get an account?" for assistance Signing Up?

Secondly, there are times when you may have multiple customer profiles in our Whistler Blackcomb database - Try a different email address, as lots of customer's when they first signed up (or purchased something from Whistler Blackcomb) had older/different email addresses- These could more than likely still be your online WB username.

WB+ has recently launched to the public! While we hope you enjoy the platform immensely - We are constantly looking at way to improve it!

If you find anything not working the way you think it should, we'd love to hear from you.

If you do wish to report an error to the WB+ Administrator, to best assist, please provide us with:

- A screenshot or description of the error/error message;
- Operating system and browser version;
- Some details (or screenshot) from your browser console (i.e. In Chrome press CTRL+SHIFT+I; In IE press F12; In Firefox CTRL+SHIFT+K and choose 'Console').

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