Does it matter when I sign up for WB+?

Adam Smith -

No. WB+ automatically records data from when we installed RFID Gates in November 2014*. So any scan made for the current season will be populated in your profile when you sign up for WB+

We encourage you to sign up/register as soon as possible so you can make the most of WB+ functionality.

Badges calculations are run after 17:00pm PST daily, so you won't be able to see any badges earned/awarded until after this time. Whistler Complete, Blackcomb Complete and Did It All - WB Complete may take a little longer to be awarded due to calculation /processing time.

*Since winter 2014/2015 was our first year with RFID gates we did not have fully functioning gates on each lift so your stats may not be 100% accurate."

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    Bruce Grimble

    I put in all the info but the two days I skied did not register my runs