What is WB+?

WB Plus Admin -

WB+ is a web and mobile platform that is connected to our RFID technology and allows guests to track their days, lift rides and vertical metres/feet traveled - Winter or Summer!

WB+ is available at http://wbplus.com or by downloading the Whistler Blackcomb Live mobile app, available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.
NOTE: WB+ is not supported on Blackberry.

Additional functionality includes:

  • Goal setting: Guests can set goals for number of days and total vertical for the season and track their progress via WB+.
  • Badges: Guests can earn badges for what they accomplish on the mountains. For example: Skiing/riding 10,000 vertical metres in a day, or riding every lift in a season, or skiing/riding on your Birthday!
  • Leaderboard: Shows your vertical/days/lifts/streak compared to other users signed up to WB+. The leaderboard can be viewed by season-to-date or today's date, so guests can see how they stack up against other skiers/riders through the season. NOTE: Whistler Blackcomb Employees are part of a separate Leaderboard - For more information please click here.
  • Groups: Ski club members, offices, or family members can all compete to see who has skied/ridden the most in a season by creating a group. Group members can track progress on their private leaderboard. Guests can be members of many different groups.


  • Accomplishments can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Social: WB+ can be linked to Facebook and Twitter accounts so experiences at Whistler Blackcomb can be shared with friends and family.

*Note that Franz’s Chair and our magic carpets do not have RFID gates. No stats will be accumulated for riding these lifts.

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