How can I see my stats?

Adam Smith -

Once you have created your WB+ profile any stats associated with your RFID access card and Whistler Blackcomb customer profile will be displayed. Any days on the mountain since November 01, 2014 will automatically be captured by WB+.

To change between seasons (Winter, Bike, Sightsee/Hiking) on your WB+Dashboard you simply need to scroll just below your Dashboard stats and on the left-hand side you will find the SEASON selector (default is set to the current primary season i.e. Bike in Summer and Ski/Snowboard in Winter) and choose the desired season from the drop-down options.

 See “My stats are incorrect, how can I correct themfor more info.

*Note that Franz’s Chair and our magic carpets do not have RFID gates. No stats will be accumulated for riding these lifts.

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