Any tips for ensuring all my vertical is calculated correctly?

Adam Smith -

Place your Access Card in an EMPTY pocket on your left hand side. When you pass through a gate make sure the light turns green. That way you know your pass has been read.

  • Do not carry any electronic devices in the same location as your card as this will interfere with the scan process.
  • Ensure that there is no foil (gum wrapper, candy bar wrappers) close to the card.
  • Ensure no credit cards are near your card.

If you get out of the Whistler Village Gondola or Excalibur Gondola at the mid station ensure that you pass though the exit sensor and get a green light.

While steps/logic have been taken to attempt to provide the most accurate scan/stat information, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy - therefore WB+ cannot be used for anything other than recreational use.

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