How do I join/register for WB+ or get an account?

WB Plus Admin -

To join WB+ simply grab the RFID access card that you use to go up the mountain and visit
Click Sign Up > I have a WB RFID Access Card and you will be lead through the sign-up process.

If you've used the Whistler Blackcomb e-store or mobile app before, your username/login are the same for WB+.
Click Sign Up > I know my WB Live App username or eStore online username and you will be lead through the sign-up process.

You can still sign up to WB+ if you have not received/picked up your WB RFID Access Card yet.

Click Sign Up > I don't have a WB RFID Access Card and you will be lead through the sign-up process. You will be able to set uo your Profile but will not see any stats or earned badges until you add your WB RFID Access Card.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not yet scanned your brand new WB RFID Pass or EDGE card you may not be able to add it to your WB+ profile or see it listed. Once you scan for the first time at a Whistler Blackcomb lift/gondola/tbar you'll then be able to add the Pass or EDGE card, if it has not been automatically added to your WB+ profile.

Please note that to join WB+ you need a unique email address. You can’t share an email address with another WB+ member.




To protect children’s privacy, children 13 years and under are not able to create their own account. Children can access their stats through a parent or guardian’s account. See "Connect the whole family on WB+" for more info.

If you are having problems joining WB+ please contact us at:

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    Jean hamel
    the link for I have an rfid card sign up does not work
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    WB Plus Admin
    Thanks Jean - this has been resolved! Appreciate the feedback :)