What is the WB+ leaderboard?

WB Plus Admin -

The WB+ Leaderboard arranges WB+ members of the public who have chosen to participate by their stats. The number of days and streak from all participating members is compiled and ranked from the most to the least.  By default the leaderboard is set to Days - current season to date, but options are available to change this below.

  • Inclusion: The Leaderboard only displays those users who have their Privacy Settings set to Private or Social. Anybody set to Invisible won't be displayed. However, if you are set to Invisible, you can still go to the Leaderboard page and see your own position and everyone else.
  • Names: If you've set a custom Display Name in your Settings, we'll display that on the Leaderboard. If not, the Default displayed is your firstname lastname.
  • Filters: You can view Leaderboards by different metrics: currently days and streak. These metrics can be filtered for today, or for the season-to-date. Lastly you can order them ascending, or descending.
  • Public: Will see a leaderboard showing all other WB+ members who are not employees of Whistler Blackcomb.
  • Staff: By default will see a leaderboard showing only employees who are WB+ members. However, there is an additional toggle to also view the Public leaderboard. Employees do not currently have a relative position within the public leaderboard.
  • Position: Your own leaderboard ranking is shown along with your stats in a red bar floating at the bottom of the page.

You can view the stats either by the current day, or season-to-date. 

As mentioned above, employees of Whistler Blackcomb are not included on the public Leaderboard, instead are included on their own Employee Leaderboard. For more information please see "I am a Whistler Blackcomb Employee - What is my Leaderboard rank?"

To compare your friends', coworkers' and colleagues' on your own private Leaderboard, try creating a Group today! Click here for more details.

*Note that Franz’s Chair and our magic carpets do not have RFID gates. No stats will be accumulated for riding these lifts.

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