What is a WB+ Badge?

WB Plus Admin -

'Virtual' Badges* are earned/awarded for a variety of different accomplishments. Some examples are:

  • Travelling a certain number of vertical metres per day/season
  • Going up the mountains on certain dates (Christmas, Easter etc.)
  • Riding certain lifts or all Whistler Blackcomb lifts

Some badges can be earned multiple times - On your Dashboard you will be able to see the total number of badges you've earned for the season!

Some badges are easily achievable and others are very challenging. Why not set a challenge to ski every lift on both mountains? Or Bike every lift on Whistler mountain?

How many badges can you earn this season?

Click here to see the list of all available badges and how you can earn them.

 *Badges are calculated once a day, shortly after 5pm PST

For Whistler Complete, Blackcomb Complete and Did It All - WB Complete it may take a little longer to calculate/process these badges, so may be 'awarded' a little later than completed.

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