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WB+ has had a notification system, akin to that of many other modern sites, since we released groups; however, it has never been fully leveraged. We have used it to notify users of a contest win, but that's about it. Over the coming weeks, we will be rolling it out to more areas of the platform. You can see when you have one from the envelope in the site header


Today's release enables badge and award notifications; however, we have put some rules in place so you don't get spammed for all those Mt Kozi days!

Only notify for

  • A badge that you've never earned before, unless
  • Re-earning a badge that you had lost
  • All awards, whether repeat or not
  • Losing either a badge or an award

Please note: In one day, if you earn a specific Summit badge (say Denali), that you've not earned before - you'll receive a notification for that - if you continue to ski on that same day and improve to a higher vertical Summit badge (say Aconcagua), you'll receive another notification if you haven't earned that one either - but you will have lost the previous badge (but not the notification), as you can only earn 1 Summit badge per day.

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