Feb 2nd - Anniversary Update

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  1. One year since launch
  2. UI fancies


Happy Birthday WB+

A year ago today we launched WB+, and what a fantastic year it's been. You hard-working badge-earning bell-to-bell skiing, riding and biking WB+ using good folk have racked up

  • 3,082,261,869 vertical metres,
  • 6,067,372 lift rides, and
  • 804,775 days.

Yes, that's 3-billion vertical metres. Plus we still have 27 people running that Ultra Marathon with a maximum 71-day streak.

We've loved seeing the buzz around WB+ over the last twelve months; from overhearing people on chairlifts, seeing everyone pull their phones out to compare at aprés, seeing industry excitement over the platform, to reading newspaper stories about it.

We hope you've all enjoyed getting insights into your days and chasing badges (and Vertbag) as much as we've enjoyed building and improving the platform.


Fixes and Features

Which leads us to the changes in today's release

Mountain Activity

  • Complete information about your day which was previously only available on desktop heatmap-hover. Before only Vertical and Lifts were displayed, we've now added Day and Streak
  • Badges you earned on that day!
  • Loop-time for certain lifts has been corrected which could have shown you skiing at 88mph and reaching the base of your next lift before you reached the top of the one before
  • Correcting vertical and times for Whistler Kids (staff) gate at Village Gondola
  • G2/Olympic Station exit scan correctly represented on the chart
  • For some users on certain iOS versions and those stuck in the Internet Explorer dark-ages, the chart didn't show at all


Dashboard General

  • Last active 01/01/0001 fixed to show ----
  • (re)remove the ability to change goal for previous seasons
  • Stray 'today' heatmap box drawn on previous month when in the first week of a new month
  • Different sections of the same lift have been grouped for the Top 5 Lifts chart. Separate sections are still represented individually for Mountain Activity. Lifts affected:
    • Whistler Village Gondola, upper and lower show as one count
    • Excalibur Gondola, upper and lower show as one count
    • P2P either direction show as one count


Leaderboards + Groups

  • Facilitate switching between Season and Daily leaderboards
    • Mobile: black quick-toggle button
    • Desktop: Filters are auto-displayed
  • Super-long names will be truncated and no longer push stats off the side of the view-pane



  • Stat summary below the group

  • Viewing 'Today' for groups would chop off the last user on the list so they wouldn't show up even if they had been on-mountain that day



A few other miscellaneous un-noteworthy tweaks and fixes






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    Steve Fleckenstein

    my stats page on WB+ app has gone blank. how do I access data? cheers -Steve