January 25th - Awards, Streaking, and Fixes

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  1. Awards
  2. Notifications
  3. Month streaks and badge fixes
  4. UI fixes



The team here behind WB+ is excited to bring a fun new dynamic to the platform with awards. You're all familiar with badges, and we can see behind the scenes that you love working towards them, so we wanted to offer a new challenge. An award is an exclusive thing: only one user can hold it any one time so if you want to be King of the Hill today, you've gotta go wrestle it out of Vertbag's hands, 'cause come on, let's be honest...

We will be adding Award information to the FAQ soon, but to answer a few quick questions:

  • How are awards different from badges?
    • Well, there's only one of each to give out so only one user across the whole of WB+ can hold any single award at any one time
    • Following on from that, similar to some of our badges, you can lose your award if somebody overtakes you
  • Who can earn awards?
    • Honestly, probably only some pretty dedicated individuals, but technically anybody that has their Privacy set to Social or Private (same as for Leaderboards)
  • What awards are there?
    • King/Queen of the Hill: WB+ user with the most vertical for the day
    • Prince(ss) of the Hill: Second most vertical for the day
    • Duke/Duchess: Third biggest vert for the day
    • Chairman of the Board: Top vertical for the season, that spans both public and staff
    • Secretary of the Board: Second overall vertical for the season
    • Treasurer of the Board: Third overall vertical
    • Mayor of the Chair: Most rides for a particular lift for the season
    • Manager of the Chair: Second most rides on that lift all season
    • Auditor of the Chair: Third highest ride count all season for that chair
    • King/Queen of the Mountain: Single biggest day for the whole season
    • Prince(ss) of the Mountain: Second biggest day of the season
    • Duke/Duchess of the Mountain: Third biggest overall day
  • Will there be other awards?
    • Absolutely. These were the most obvious initial ones to recognise those real dedicated folk but we will be trickling out more awards in the coming weeks for a variety of achievements
  • I'm a girl, why am I King/Prince/Duke?
  • I'm a boy, why am I Queen/Princess/Duchess?
    • Go to your Account Settings and ensure you're selected the appropriate gender




WB+ has had a notification system, akin to that of many other modern sites, since we released groups; however, it has never been fully leveraged. We have used it to notify users of a contest win, but that's about it. Over the coming weeks, we will be rolling it out to more areas of the platform. You can see when you have one from the envelope in the site header


Today's release enables badge and award notifications; however, we have put some rules in place so you don't get spammed for all those Mt Kozi days!

Only notify for

  • A badge that you've never earned before, unless
  • Re-earning a badge that you had lost
  • All awards, whether repeat or not
  • Losing either a badge or an award

Please note: In one day, if you earn a specific Summit badge (say Denali), that you've not earned before - you'll receive a notification for that - if you continue to ski on that same day and improve to a higher vertical Summit badge (say Aconcagua), you'll receive another notification if you haven't earned that one either - but you will have lost the previous badge (but not the notification), as you can only earn 1 Summit badge per day.


Month Streaks and Badge Fixes

Streak has always been a big part of WB+, so now we've added some additional streak badges to recognise those going the distance. In the Difficult category, you can now earn badges for streaking all the way through December, January, February, March, and April. Why are November and May missing? Well because you can't ski every day of those months.

We also added an invisibility cloak for badges, so be on the lookout for some Easter eggs that you can earn but we won't tell you how.

As well as the new streak badges, we've fixed some issues with other badges, including

  • Mis-earned 7 Summits
    • The summit badges (Kozi, Elbrus, etc) are earned in a progressive way throughout your day. You earn a Kozi for reaching 2228m, but once you pass 4892m that same day your Kozi will be removed and you will get a Vinson instead. 7 Summits wasn't taking that in to account so you could have earned it by skiing through the one badge you were missing and it would erroneously be awarded
    • Sorry to those of you that had this 7 Summits and have now lost it
  • Mis-earned Bike Park Laps
    • In a similar vein, this would be earned if you first uploaded Fitz but remained if you continued on to ski other lifts besides Fitz and Garbo. Again, some people will have lost this badge as a result of the fix
  • Darkside Lost not showing
    • In some cases, the Darkside badge wasn't rendering correctly to show it had been lost
  • Whistler/Blackcomb Challenge and Mega Day
    • Horstman was added as requirement for these badges once it was opened for the season (this was actually done the day it opened, but is listed for completeness)


UI Fixes

  • Site-wide margins removed on mobile to reclaim cherished real-estate
  • Leaderboard statistic being clipped on right edge of screen on smaller devices
  • Group Admin emphasised in list
  • Group names and descriptions were being truncated
  • Other small un-noteworthy fixes




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