November 22nd - Winter 16/17 WB+ Kickoff!

WB Plus Admin -

So by now you've already logged in to WB+ for the start of the Winter 16/17 season and seen the new badges, ability to add Groups and compete with your friends on Group Leaderboards, you may have also seen the update to the charts (Top 5 Lifts, Mountain Summary & Monthly Vertical).

Well, in case you missed a few of these updates - Here is a recap of the changes and updates we made recently to make WB+ even better for 16/17 season - Read on!


New Charts!!

Charts have been revamped using a new chart library for slicker, sexier charts.

You can also click on the Top 5 Lifts  option and see further information on the other lifts you have ridden this season!


Daily Details Graph

When you click on a day in your heat calendar you will now be presented with a graphical representation of your ski day on the mountain! Previously it was simply displayed in text format, which is still available, however who doesn't love a graph showing their vertical risen per chair ride and how long it took them to get from one lift to the other?



Badges are now calculated every 5 minutes along with each scan update. So now when you scan at an RFID gate you'll be able to see what badges you've earned that day in almost real-time! 

New Badges have also been released for the new winter season with some great additions! There are no streak badges (5,10,25 etc.), more lift rides badges (10, 25, 50 etc.), the 7 Summits badge collection, marathon badges and the very exciting 'Elite' level badges to push those thrill seekers to aim even higher!

To see more detail on the new badges for Winter 2016/17 please click here.

Some other changes made include:

- 1MB limit put on Profile Images
- Replace some text button with icons on mobile
- Modified some text layouts for better viewing on smaller screens
- Resolved issue with Settings/Edit option on Groups not visible
- Other minor changes in order to make your WB+ experience the best it can be.




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